33rd Company

Thirty Third Company exists to take the gospel to the most unreached and dangerous places and to equip the everyday believer to win the lost and make disciples daily.

Jesus would never call us to do something that He would not empower us to do. If we simply start today with who is in front of us we will change the world and hit the mark of what He has called us to. THE ORIGINAL CALL HAS NEVER CHANGED. Jesus said, “follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.” When He ascended into heaven He said “go and make disciples of all the nations.” This may seem like a big task but we have found that when we simply live on mission everywhere we go, like talking to the person in front of us at the store or gas station about the Lord, that it’s more than possible to fulfill what we have been called to do. Often we get overwhelmed with the task at hand and never get started. We at 33rd Company want to help the body of Christ get started because we know the moment you start you will never stop.

Why are we called 33rd Company?

At age 33 Jesus went all in to fulfill the ultimate promise. So we at 33rd Company want to go all in to take that very promise to nations.