Experience The Dali Museum: St Petersburg Florida

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The Dalí

The Salvador Dalí museum has been one of St. Petersburg’s most popular attractions ever since it was opened in 1982. Located near our St. Petersburg rentals, the Dalí Museum has become a cornerstone of the community and an attraction for art lovers from all over the world to enjoy.

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Salvador Dalí

Salvador Dalí was born in Spain in 1904 and has become one of the most iconic surrealist artists of all time. Known for his trademark mustache, Dalí’s art repertoire contains some of the most recognizable paintings in all of the twentieth-century art, such as The Persistence of Memory and its oft-parodied melting clocks. Dalí also used repetitive images and motifs in his paintings, with many containing crutches and allusions to his wife Gala, his muse, and his father, with whom he had a very complicated relationship. 

The Museum

The Dalí museum contains many of Dalí’s most acclaimed paintings, such as Geopoliticus Child Watching the Birth of the New Man, The Ecumenical Council, The Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus, and The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory.

 The museum is also home to Dalí’s work in other mediums, such as sketches, photographs, and sculptures. The museum was redesigned in 2011 by an architect of the HOK, Yann Weymouth, to its now iconic look. 

The museum contains a large glass bubble bursting from the museum’s walls made up of numerous triangular glass shards, known as “The Enigma.” Inside, there’s a helix staircase that connects all three floors of the museum, a homage to Dalí’s work that relied on similarly shaped objects. The building has changed to better reflect the nature and essence of Dalí and his work and has become well known for its outlandish appearance amongst art lovers all over the world.


Boasting over 2,000 pieces of Dalí’s artworks, the museum has permanent collections of his 3-D objects, prints, book illustrations, and paper art alongside his paintings. Dalí’s precise linework and absurdist pieces, such as his telephone combined with a lobster, have been preserved for anyone curious enough to seek them out to enjoy.

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Center for the Avant-garde

Anyone looking to research Dalí or see authentic historical documents concerning him can find them in the museum’s Center for the Avant-garde. It contains newspaper clippings, archives of past exhibits and events, and catalogs for scholars to use at their convenience. The librarians within are enthusiastic and dedicated to helping anyone curious about anything related to Dalí find their footing!


Community engagement is a big priority for the Dalí museum, with numerous programs open to the public being held. Poets are invited to read their poems to an audience of attendees, opera singers perform music upon the staircase of the museum, and numerous tours and field trips are offered for people of all ages, including schoolchildren!

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