Give Back

Sandy Beach Vacation Rentals is a proud sponsor and are partnering with the following church and charities. If you need a church when you come into town we welcome you to come to Generation Church located at 10321 75th St, Pinellas Park, FL 33777. We are blessed to be able to give back both as a company and personally. We encourage everyone to find their purpose and support their communities or a cause. Here are four opportunities that we believe are making HUGE changes in lives in our community as well as in the world. These are companies that are close to our hearts and that we are in prayer with.

Generation Church

Generation Church believes in Gratitude, Health, Honesty, Fun, Communication, Empowerment, Real, Honor, Care, and Forgiveness:

Gratitude reveals God’s perspective. Joy is found and hope is stirred from a gracious heart.

We are our best when we are refreshed. Working from a place of rest and creating a margin prevents burnout and sustains the call.

Honesty creates trust. We lean into hard conversations to create clarity, freedom, and unity.

Enjoy the journey. If you are not having fun you are doing it wrong.

We hit the target when we are clear with our communication and expectations. Everyone wins when we are organized and intentional.

We develop people to operate in their God-given gifts. The kingdom advances as we empower individuals to fulfill their potential and purpose.

We create environments where everyone is welcome. We lead with authenticity and consistency in all areas of life.

We choose to see people the way God sees them. We prefer others and celebrate often.

We show up regardless of the season. Change happens when we do life together.

Forgiveness frees you and releases others. Unforgiveness will keep you from fulfilling God’s call on your life.

Selah Place

The vision of Selah Place Inc is to be a place where women and their children can live in community as they learn who they are in Christ, how to walk in the freedom found in Him, discover their God-given purpose, and ultimately bring praise and honor to their heavenly Father.

Selah Place was founded in response to the need for housing and support for single mom-led families in our community. We believe the Lord has given us two components as the foundation for our ministry.

Safe housing

A place where families can rebuild their lives together. Some of the families we serve have been separated for a number of years and are finally being reunified. Others are at risk for separation due to difficult life circumstances such as drug and alcohol addiction, sex trafficking and involvement in the sex trade industry, homelessness, domestic violence, and extreme poverty. Selah Place provides a single-family home or apartment that will serve as a safe sanctuary for the family as they walk their healing journey together.


We are absolutely convinced that a life rebuilt will crumble if it is not rebuilt on the solid foundation – of Jesus Christ. In every interaction, every meeting, and every time spent together, we seek to convey the love and kindness of Jesus to the families we serve. We also ensure that families entering our program understand that we are a housing AND discipleship program.

We ask the moms we serve to commit to weekly check-ins and Bible study meetings. We have trained leaders who lead women through a one to two-year period where they uncover lies they have believed in the past and replace those lies with the truth found in the scriptures.

We also assign every participant a bible study partner who commits to meet together with the program participant weekly. They will spend time studying the bible together and set goals for individual study in the days between meetings. We believe all of this coupled with regular attendance with a local body of believers will set you on a journey of true freedom and transformation.

The discipleship portion of our program is the heartbeat of what we do. It is a non-negotiable component for our program participants.

See the path to healing, freedom, and restoration these Moms take while in our care. Learn about our core values and the four pillars we abide by.

When a single Mom comes into our care. She walks in one way and is provided every opportunity to leave a different way.

We are the next step for single Moms.

We continue the process started by other ministries, shelters, and or counseling. When she leaves her first place of healing and is ready to begin rebuilding her life, we are here to mentor her in a safe environment to assure she can stand on her own two feet again.

Our Four Pillars

Mental and Relational Health & Healing

While you are in the program of Selah Place, we want you to have the opportunity to strengthen your mental and relational health through therapy.

We have licensed therapists that offer both family and individual counseling. We also partner with Restored to Dream, a Christian organization specializing in group therapy for both adults and children.

We will adjust the program fee to allow extra time for discipleship, mentorship, therapy, and time spent as a family should you find it necessary to cut back on hours at work.

Financial Stability

We want you to be walking in complete financial freedom by the time you leave Selah Place. Financial mentorship and guidance throughout

  • Teaching on principles of tithing and offering
  • Debt management (debt free by completion)
  • Cleaning up credit report
  • Budget planning, setting, and adjusting as needed

Household Management

  • Menu planning
  • Grocery shopping and budgeting
  • Family calendar organization & management
  • Guidance with health, nutrition, and fitness coaches as desired
  • Help and guidance with maintaining a clean and orderly home

Looking Ahead

At Selah Place, we say we are not interested in putting a band-aid on poverty. By the time you leave, we want you to have the skills and education you need to provide for your family

  • Job counselor/coach – help you identify areas of interest
  • Education and training
  • Potential for small business start-ups and shareholding

By the time a participating family leaves the security of the Selah Place program, women will have financial security and the tools they need to thrive as leaders in their families and communities.

33rd Company

Thirty Third Company exists to take the gospel to the most unreached and dangerous places and to equip the everyday believer to win the lost and make disciples daily.

Jesus would never call us to do something that He would not empower us to do. If we simply start today with who is in front of us we will change the world and hit the mark of what He has called us to. THE ORIGINAL CALL HAS NEVER CHANGED. Jesus said, “follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.” When He ascended into heaven He said “go and make disciples of all the nations.” This may seem like a big task but we have found that when we simply live on mission everywhere we go, like talking to the person in front of us at the store or gas station about the Lord, that it’s more than possible to fulfill what we have been called to do. Often we get overwhelmed with the task at hand and never get started. We at 33rd Company want to help the body of Christ get started because we know the moment you start you will never stop.

Why are we called 33rd Company?

At age 33 Jesus went all in to fulfill the ultimate promise. So we at 33rd Company want to go all in to take that very promise to nations.

Charity Water and The Spring

This video changed our life. It is well worth the time to watch. It is the story behind Charity Water and The Spring.